26th week of pregnancy

26th week of pregnancy

On26week of pregnancyThe future mother needs to pay attention to the regularity of the baby's movements, follow the diet and weight, prepare for maternity leave. How is going26 week of pregnancyfor a woman, and how the child will grow and develop we will look at the following points:


Pregnancy at the 26th week

A growing belly presses against the diaphragm, which hampers the breath of a pregnant woman. She may appearshortness of breathfeeling like not enough air. It will be harder to put on shoes, to overcome long distances and steps.

Weight gainby this time of pregnancy can be 5-9 kg., and in connection with the increase in weight, the expectant mother may be worried about back pain and heaviness in the legs. Perhaps at the 26th week of pregnancy, a woman will experience Brexton-Higgs training bouts.The movements of the baby in the 26th week of pregnancybecome more frequent, especially in the evening and at night.


What happens at 26 weeks gestation

Almost all expectant mothers to the 26th week of pregnancy, there is a dark strip from the abdomen down to the pubis.For some, it becomes a surprise, while others perceive it with joy as a sure sign of pregnancy. Every day, the strip is becoming more pronounced, but after childbirth, it will definitely disappear, like all the other pigmentation on the face and body. Scientific namepigmentation pregnant- Chloasma, caused by hormonal changes in the body of a woman. Against the background of hormonal adjustment, the work of the pigment system is disturbed, and melanin in the skin is unevenly distributed. The reason for pigmentation during pregnancy can also be a lack of vitamins, primarily vitamin B, C and folic acid, as well as copper, zinc, iron and other substances.

Frequent companion of future mothers -heartburn during pregnancy, the appearance of which indicates a small malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Heartburn occurs due to increased levels of gastric juice, which irritates the walls of the esophagus. A handful of seeds, a few nuts, a couple of sips of milk, carrot or greaffruit juice can help to get rid of unpleasant sensations. If folk methods for heartburn do not help, you should consult a doctor to prescribe the appropriate drug, you should not self-medicate.


Child development in the 26th week of pregnancy

26 week of pregnancy: the baby continues to actively gain weight, by the end of this period its weight will be more than 800 g. The presence of its own growth hormone leads to a rapid increase in the length of the fetus, and at the end of the week it will reach 33 cm. The head diameter will increase to 65.1 mm, chest - up to 65.8 mm, and tummy - up to 67.4 mm.

A child at 26 weeks of pregnancy already sees quite well, feels the proportions and position of his body, is able to distinguish between tastes and even smells. The fruit hears well, and he distinguishes and perceives low sounds better than high ones. The sound of the mother's heartbeat, which will be listened to during all nine months in the stomach, remains the sweetest sound for a child even after birth.

This week of development ends with the formation of the child’s eyes, so he can easily open and close them. 26 week of pregnancy is caused by the formation of the future baby's iris.

At the 26th week of gestation, the beginnings of permanent teeth continue to be laid in the baby’s mouth, the bone apparatus is also being gradually strengthened, and the muscle mass increases.With the development of bone and muscle mass, the child begins to push more and more actively, make grimaces, smile and respond to the pose of his mother's body and the taste of amniotic waters.

This week of pregnancy in the male fetus, the testicles most often descended into the scrotum, but in some cases they linger in the abdominal cavity and descend after birth, during the first two weeks.

26 week of pregnancy

How is life changing

At the 26th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother can hardly put on her new-born clothes, her pants and skirts are definitely needed with elastic inserts in the belt area so that nothing presses on her stomach. Slim blouses also do not converge at the waist, so it’s worth adding special wardrobematernity clothes. You should not think that her husband's shirt is several sizes larger or a girlfriend's dress will help save.

It is important for a woman who carries a child under her heart to experience positive emotions, and it’s a lot of happiness to see your reflection in a mirror in stretched shapeless clothes? If a woman wants to remain romantic and flirty in her special condition, then in this case knee-length dresses flared from the bodice line will do.Those who prefer a more sporty style should pay attention to comfortable and comfortable trousers, leggings, tunics and long vests.

Also at 26 weeks of pregnancy, it is time to give up heels on shoes at low speed, it would be better for the spine, leg muscles and veins.

26 week of pregnancy - it's time to think about purchasing and wearingprenatal brace, especially if the weight gain at this stage is already significant. With the help of a bandage, it is possible to remove the excessive load on the spine, which appears due to the displacement of the center of gravity and leads to an overload of the vertebrae. Also, the bandage will help prevent premature lowering of the fetus, pressure on the internal organs of the expectant mother, and reduce the likelihood of stretch marks.

An important function of the bandage is alsomaintaining the uterus and baby in it in a fixed position. Sometimes the baby, floundering in the amniotic fluid, can take the wrong position, so that the birth control can only be carried out operatively using a caesarean section.


Meals on the 26th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy makes its own adjustments to the menu. Now it is important to pay attention tohealthy and natural productswhich are indispensable for the future mother and baby.

It is important for a pregnant woman to eat seasonal and non-fatty foods, such as pumpkin cake, for example, a light, low-calorie dessert rich in vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as carotene, glucose and minerals.

Another finding is carrot puree, which is rich in vitamin A, which plays a key role in the process of cell growth.

Baked plums are indispensable for digestion, will help in the fight against constipation, and gluten-free maize, rice and buckwheat will deliver fiber to the body, which will improve the absorbability of nutrients. Porridges are in harmony with various fruits, vegetables, jams, nuts, raisins, dried fruits and even cheese, which means they can be sweet and salty. The future mother should listen to himself: the body will tell you what combination is preferable now.

Let sweets, pastries and white bread be rare guests on the table pregnant, those extra pounds are now useless. Preference is given to fermented milk products, baked, stewed, steamed, lean types of meat and homemade light soups.


Doctor's recommendation



Possible problems in the 26th week of pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are familiar with the situation when in the middle of the night you wake up from acute pain in your ankle. Leg cramped! Causesconvulsionsseveral, the main ones:

  • lack of trace elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6);
  • low hemoglobin level;
  • problems with veins and vessels;
  • dehydration;
  • syndrome constricted inferior vena cava, wherein the enlarged uterus presses on the inferior vena cava and the venous return causes a disturbance in the legs.

To get rid of cramps, slowly and carefully, but it is strong enough to pull the toes, which is cramped, over. After that, relax your leg and pull it back up again. After the cramp let go, it is necessary to make an easy warm-up massage, also for warming You can use a heating pad or hot water.

Another problem of many moms in the 26th week of pregnancy -mucous discharge from the vagina. From the 12th week of pregnancy, the discharge becomes more abundant due to an increase in progesterone. It is important that they have no odor, do not cause itching and burning.If the discharge smells unpleasant and they have a curd texture, this indicates candidiasis (thrush).

Thrush during pregnancy must be treated, for this the doctor prescribes systemic or local medications. Since candidiasis occurs against the background of HIV, in the treatment regimen include restorative and immunomodulatory drugs, as well as bifidobacteria.

An overflow of the bloodstream at this stage of pregnancy can trigger the phenomenon of regularnosebleeds. Permanent blood loss causesiron deficiency anemia. Despite the fact that iron deficiency anemia is usually not very difficult, a permanent lack of oxygen that can cause complications in the fetus, and weakened immunity can cause caries development and gum inflammation in the expectant mother (pregnant gingivitis), therefore it is important to take care of over the mouth and teeth.


Tests on the 26th week of pregnancy

Most often at the 26th week of pregnancy there are no tests required. At the reception doctorfemale consultationhe will ask the future mother to stand on the scales, measure the blood pressure and the volume of the abdomen.If a complete blood count and urinalysis were taken the day before, the doctor will evaluate their testimony, if they are not normal, he may order additional examinations.

Ultrasoundin the 26th week of pregnancy is rarely prescribed, only for some important reasons. The next routine ultrasound scan should be performed at 32 weeks gestation.

Useful tips

Future momuseful to readnot only novels and magical love stories, but also more practical books. So, on the shelves of bookstores now there is a sufficient assortment of good literature about pregnancy, and you can already begin to get acquainted with books on infant care, breastfeeding and children's health in the first year of life. Such knowledge will never hurt.

It's time to takeshopping for baby, Now go around the shops and look after everything you need will be much easier than in a few weeks.

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    26th week of pregnancy

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