Can Chlorophyllipt in pregnancy

Can "Chlorophyllipt" in pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most important and responsiblethe moment in the life of any woman and girl. During this period, they not only prepare to become future mummies, but also get used to the idea that they have to take care of their baby during the entire pregnancy. And this means only one thing - both in sickness and in health they simply have to take into account the interests of the baby, thinking about the consequences and possible side effects of the drugs that they take. For example, you should know whether it is possible to apply "Chlorophyllipt" during pregnancy, or not.

chlorophyllipt in pregnancy

"Chlorophyllipt": what is it?

"Chlorophyllipt" is a medicinalthe preparation prepared on natural grasses and possessing a pleasant smell of eucalyptus. Assign it, as a rule, with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, with diseases of the mouth area. It is produced in several variations:

  • alcohol solution;
  • an oil suspension;
  • the form of the spray;
  • tableted form.

But is it possible to "Chlorophyllipt" during pregnancy? The answer to this question depends on the individual characteristics of the future mother, on the timing and course of her pregnancy. In addition, before using it without fail it is necessary to consult a doctor and read the instructions.

According to the annotation, this preparation belongs tohomeopathic remedies, is made using a plant base, therefore, has almost no contraindications. The exception is the individual intolerance of individual components of the drug.

rinse with chlorophyllipt in pregnancy

The curative composition of the medicinal product

If you decide to use "Chlorophyllipt" withpregnancy (for the throat), you should study its composition in advance. So, regardless of your chosen dosage form, the main active substance of the drug is eucalyptus extract, or rather, "Chlorophyllipt" includes chlorophyll A and B. In solutions, there is also alcohol, and in oil - a special astringent base.

At what diseases is appointed or nominated?

Most often, "Chlorophyllipt" is used to treat the following diseases:

  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • intestinal infections;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • purulent infections.

How can I apply Chlorophyllipt?

Depending on the nature of the course of the diseasepregnant and on the form of the acquired drug, it is applied either inside or outwardly. In particular, tablets and spray are used inside, and alcohol and oil solutions can be used for enemas and gauze dressings. So, the oil solution is perfect for treating tonsillitis. To do this, you need to take a cotton swab or wrap a piece of sterile bandage on your finger, get wet in the solution and lubricate the affected tonsils. This is how "Chlorophyllipt" is applied during pregnancy.

chlorophyllipt oil during pregnancy

How to proceed with the initial use of the medicine?

If you were prescribed during pregnancy"Chlorophyllipt", then, before applying it, it is necessary to perform a number of simple actions. First, you can conduct a simple test for allergies. Secondly, use the drug in small portions or doses. For example, using a spray, start with an easy spraying of the oral cavity.

Using "Chlorophyllipt" oil atpregnancy, it is first recommended to make a weak solution, gradually increasing the dosage in accordance with the appointment of a doctor. Further for the next 7-8 hours, you need to observe the reaction of your body to a new drug. Therefore, if there is no negative manifestation, the medicine is completely suitable for you.

Is it possible to have chlorophyllipt in pregnancy?

Rinse with "Chlorophylliptom" during pregnancy

If you have the first painful sensationsin the throat region, for example, they can occur when swallowing, the most effective in this case will be rinsing. The main advantage of this method is that the healing solution is not used inside, it is not absorbed by the mucosa and does not reach the fetus. But with its help, disinfection of the oral cavity occurs and inflammation is removed.

Deciding to apply "Chlorophyllipt" duringPrepare the solution. To do this, dilute the alcohol form of the drug with water (in the ratio 1:10). Then take a small sip, put the solution in your mouth and rinse your throat. For proper effect, this procedure should be repeated about 3-4 times a day.

chlorophyllipt in pregnancy for the throat

When are the chlorofillipt tablets prescribed?

Tablets form of the medicinal productis prescribed in case of chronic pharyngitis, accompanied by a characteristic protracted cough and inflammation of the oral mucosa. Tablets have a dark green color. They quickly resolve and dissolve. They help and with angina. However, in some cases (when the disease is accompanied by purulent inflammation), the tablet should be combined with an alcoholic rinse solution.

When do they prescribe the spray?

Spray "Chlorophyllipt" during pregnancy is usuallyappoint in the event that the infection of the upper respiratory tract dropped lower. However, unlike other forms of the drug, the spray is applied to the mucous membrane of the larynx by spraying. It contains alcohol, which is quickly absorbed into the blood.

chlorophyllipt during pregnancy

Interesting features of the oil

The oil solution is intended for disinfectionpurulent wounds, treatment of pronounced inflammatory processes, and also is used for the detection of gynecological abnormalities. The oil is intended for inhalation, instillation, application and lubrication of damaged parts of the body.

Its components can have a positiveeffect in the treatment of ulcers of the duodenum and stomach, erosion. By the way, in the instruction to the oil there is not a single word about the use of the drug for getting rid of infections of the upper respiratory tract. However, ENT doctors appoint him, because they know about his capabilities.

Inhalation with the use of "Chlorophyllipt"

Another option for how to apply"Chlorophyllipt" in pregnancy - to make healing inhalation. In this case, the drug is not used inside, therefore, does not go to the fetus. Its main feature is the speed of action. The medicine is simply inhaled, and the effect is stunning.

Are there any contraindications and side effects when using the medication?

The only side effect of using"Chlorophyllipt" are allergic reactions. They can manifest as skin rashes and inflammation, swelling, for example, sometimes there is swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa and face. Therefore, the hypersensitivity of the pregnant woman to eucalyptus and other components of the drug is considered a contraindication to the use of the drug.

Can I give medicine to young children?

In addition to pregnant women, "Chlorophyllipt" is oftenprescribed to ill children. For example, it is used instead of green for the treatment of umbilical wound in infants. With its help, heal skin rashes caused by staphylococcus. But in this case, one should be vigilant and careful.

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