Engineers Day

Engineer's Day

The engineer's day was given the status of an unofficial holiday in 1854, after the formation of a corps of mechanical engineers in the Russian Navy

The engineer must possess the presentprofessionalism in their work. The design and operation of technical equipment, design can not develop without a specialist with a higher education. In the automotive industry, aircraft construction and even modern household appliances it is impossible to do without this profession.

On the Day of the Engineer I want to note that this is almostnot the most popular and demanded profession, among the varieties of which the most universal is the specialty of a mechanical engineer. After all, these people are constantly improving the life of the population due to the dynamic development of technology.

A lot of students try to understand thisAn exciting profession, the need for which is constantly growing in recent years. And Engineer's Day for them will be the second significant holiday after the birthday.

Thanks to painstaking and tireless workengineers technical progress has received rapid development due to new inventions, equipment, machines, household appliances. Therefore, the Day of Engineer by right takes a worthy place among all significant dates.

It is difficult to find a profession that would not haveof your holiday. One more, an ancient and very necessary profession of a mechanical engineer was also appreciated. After all, the mechanisms, beginning with the simplest ones, were created by people always. In the age of technological progress, the development of mechanisms has become even more rapid and complex. And to ensure that they are relatively light and easy to manage, mechanical engineers work, to which any, even the most complex, machinery is subject.

The demand for highly qualified specialists is notdecreases, but, conversely, is constantly growing in a wide variety of industries and agriculture. The work of mechanical engineers, including the design and design of complex equipment, is complex and diverse. For them there is a very large scope of activity: design offices, scientific organizations, laboratories, research institutes and enterprises themselves.

Mechanical engineer very clearly and professionallyplans a lot of technological processes, uses all its knowledge to properly manage the necessary technical means. If the technological process is out of date, the mechanical engineer is obliged to notice this in time and apply a new one, which contributes to the further development of the enterprise. For this he needs constant updating of his knowledge, he does not miss any achievement of modern science and technology. Also, he must have a flexible mindset that allows him to navigate in a real situation.

The day of the mechanical engineer is celebrated on October 30. And experts of this profession should be proud of it, because without them there would be no development of technical progress.

No less complicated and responsible is the professionengineer-designer, because he must apply theoretical knowledge in practice. This causes even greater interest in this specialty and makes it more attractive. The engineer-designer is directly connected with the design of machinery and equipment. He develops technological schemes, makes necessary calculations, as well as drawings of details of mechanisms and their nodal elements, prepares technical tasks for production, carries out author's supervision of tests.

The engineer-designer is closely connected with the technicians, he analyzes all the pros and cons of the developed design and, if necessary, completes it.

Unfortunately, the Day of Engineer-Designer is not celebrated separately, but, given that this profession is complex, responsible, interesting and necessary, it is customary to celebrate it together with the Day of Mechanical Engineer.

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