Goat in the garden (recipe)

"Goat in the garden" (recipe) - salad for any occasion

Salad - a dish, without which there is not a single onefestive dinner. By the way, now this snack is in fashion, so every day there are all new variations, among which everyone can find one that will be to taste. One of these salads is "Goat in the garden," the recipe of which is in the article.

Agree, the name is quite original.It's all about the composition and serving of the salad: ingredients used for salad preparation are never mixed when cooking! It is believed that vegetables symbolize the garden, and meat or smoked meat - a goat. Only after the salad is served on the table, you can mix it and enjoy a tasty and satisfying salad, which every guest will appreciate.

From what they prepare a salad "Goat in the garden"

goat in the vegetable garden recipe saladAny salad is collected in accordance with acceptedtraditions and consists of those ingredients that have been picked up by professionals or amateur cooks. Mistresses-dreamers give the salad any shape and slightly change the ingredients. Naturally, the "Goat in the garden" (recipe) also changed somewhat: the salad originally contained meat and vegetables.

Gradually the products used forcooking, began to be replaced, so now recipes with cucumbers, ham, Korean carrots and even chips are common. You do not have to spend much time to prepare a salad "Goat in the garden." The recipes described below consist of only available products.

Option with Pekinese cabbage

salad goat in the vegetable garden recipes

If you and your family love Peking cabbage, then be sure to prepare this salad. His taste will not only please, but will not leave hungry.

Ingredients for salad preparation:

  • fillet of chicken - 400 g;
  • 2 potato tubers;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 beet;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 2 cucumbers;
  • Peking cabbage - 300-400 g;
  • a little vegetable oil and mayonnaise.

Cooking process

How to start making salad "Goat invegetable garden "? Recipe: a salad with Peking cabbage begins with the preparation of chicken fillet. To do this, fry it in a pan with onions until golden.

Take a large dish, on which you will lay out the salad for filing, and in the very center place the cooked chicken.

We now turn to roasting potatoes. We cut it with thin straws, rinse and fry until it is delicious. When it is ready, we spread it with a slide on a dish next to the chicken fillet.

Beetroot is cooked until ready and rubbed ona large grater. It is desirable to add a small amount of salt to the resulting mass and mix thoroughly. Now the beet can be laid out on a dish with a pea next to the chicken and potatoes.

The remaining vegetables (cucumbers, carrots and cabbages), like potatoes, must be cut into strips and laid out with separate peas on a dish next to chicken, potatoes and beets.

It remains to prepare a bowl with mayonnaise and serve a prepared salad on the table.

goat in the vegetable garden recipe

"The goat in the garden" (recipe). Salad with chips and sausage

This variant differs from the previous one in thatfor its preparation is used not chicken fillet, but any sausage that you like. Some add chips, canned corn and Korean carrots. All the ingredients are neatly laid out on the dish, and in the middle is filled with mayonnaise.

With ham and green peas

So, another version of the snack "Goat in the garden"(recipe). The salad turns out to be satisfying, men will be delighted with it. Change the meat and corn with ham and green peas. With them, white cabbage, marinated onions and beets are perfectly combined.

Whatever products you use for thislettuce, remember that the layout always remains unchanged: vegetables and meat ingredients are laid out along the edges of the dish, and mayonnaise is poured into the middle. It can be served in a separate cup.

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