How grows pomelo

How grows pomelo?

Today fruit appeared in the fruit market. They have become a curiosity for our residents. Going for shopping, we are not always familiar with these novelties. For example, fruit is pomelo. He not only wants to try, but also learns how the pomelo grows.

It is often called another grapefruit. But this opinion is not correct. Pomelo and grapefruit are relatives, but distant. Pomelo is a large fruit, its weight is up to ten kilograms. But we do not have such large fruits on sale. As a rule, in our stores, fruits are sold not more than one kilogram. At pomelo a thick peel. But in the tropics, where the pomel grows, its size is about thirty centimeters in diameter. The taste of this fruit is much sweeter than that of grapefruit, its fibers are large.

About where the pomelo grows and its value

About the gustatory qualities you already know, now about how,where this curiosity grows. His homeland is China. To date, it is grown already in Israel, India, Jamaica, the south of the United States, Thailand. What a pomelo fruit? How does this exot grow in your homeland? He loves warmth and moisture. It grows on trees that look like orange.

Pomelo is a useful fruit for the human body. His qualities help people who suffer from hypertension. Pomelo refers to citrus, therefore, like all of them, it helps the body in fighting viruses, can prevent cataracts, blocks the development of cancer tumors. This wonderful fruit contributes to better digestion. And yet, for those who want to lose weight - it's an excellent assistant, because it helps the body break down fats and proteins. Hunger and thirst for you will not be terrible if you buy yourself a pomelo. By the way, he has excellent taste. He is eaten raw, cooked with him salads and sweet soups.

High content of carbohydrates, as well as proteins andcellulitis contributes to the fact that in the period of beriberi avitaminosis it is very useful for a person. Also in the pomelo there are iron, calcium, sodium and other trace elements. It is not recommended pomelo to those who have allergies to citrus fruits, peptic ulcer exacerbation, increased acidity. The fruit is also useful for children.

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