How to quickly dry your nails

How to quickly dry your nails?

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How to quickly dry your nails?

Very often, in a hurry, we have to applyvarnish for a few minutes before going out. Wait until the varnish dries - sometimes it just does not have time! But one wrong move with a hand just applied to the varnish - and the manicure is spoiled. How to quickly dry your nails and surprise everyone with a fashionable shade of lacquer? There are several easy and simple ways to quickly dry the nail polish.

Effective methods

  1. After applying the varnish, wait a few seconds,and then put your hands in a tub of cold water. The cold will help the paint to dry faster. By the way, if before using you send the varnish for a while in the refrigerator, this will also speed up the process of drying it.
  2. Properly perform a manicure is an important conditionfast drying of varnish! How to do it? First, make sure that your nails are well fat-free. Then apply a thin coat of lacquer and let it dry a little. In the same way, apply a second and, if necessary, a third coat of varnish. You can also use a transparent varnish as a base, or purchase a special tool, the basis for varnish. All these little tricks will speed up the drying of the varnish on your nails.
  3. You can use a hair dryer - the air flow will help to dry your nails.

Professional tools

No time for the above methods? Then you need professional intervention! In shops, on the shelves, along with nail polish, special drying products are sold. With their help, the varnish dries out for a moment.

I advise you to pay attention to the following products:

  • spray Severina
  • OPI spray
  • varnish for drying "Clever enamel"
  • drying from Sally Hansen DRY KWIK Nail Color Dryer and "Mega Shine"
  • drying for nails Orly "In A Snap"

In addition to varnishes and sprays, there are moreprofessional means, which, for example, are used in salons. However, using the Internet, you can purchase them for personal use. This is an ultraviolet dryer for nails. A special device, using ultraviolet light, affects the lacquer and dries it in the shortest possible time.

You can buy a pretty nice dryer in the formmonkeys. It works on two batteries. With it, you can quickly dry the nail polish. All you need to do is tap your finger with a painted nail on the button in front of the head of the monkey and the machine will work! After a few seconds, the varnish will dry.

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