How to survive a divorce couple

How to survive a divorce couple?

Divorce is always an unpleasant affair thatrequires a lot of red tape with documents, experiences, tears and sincere despair. People are divorced for many reasons, it can be trivial treason, constant quarrels and scandals, lack of harmony in sexual relations, and many other signs. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to resort to divorce only in the most extreme cases, when neither the spouses nor the family psychologist can help in preserving the family. On questions - how to survive the divorce and whether it can be avoided, there are many answers, in fact, how many people - so much in the world of opinions. For some people, divorce is a perfectly normal thing, passing easily and quickly, but how to survive a divorce for those for whom this concept becomes a terrible emotional stress? First of all, once again try to "start everything from scratch", and no matter what the cause of the scandal - monotony in life, betrayal, betrayal or the usual family routine. It is necessary for the spouses to understand this reason, to talk and to come to the conclusion that everything can be changed. If the reason for the divorce is the usual "affection", when the spouses get attached to each other, studied each and every move and every action of their spouse, you can simply resume the old feelings, diversify their relationships. But there is one more question - how to survive the divorce, if the family has children? After all, it is for the child that the separation of the mother and father becomes the most dangerous in life. A small person can not just emotionally break his psyche, a divorce of parents can cause serious consequences in the future. Most often after the divorce, the kid remains with his mother, for the pope, the term "dad for the weekend" is used. It is very difficult for a child to get used to a new place, to a new environment without one parent. He is subjected to great emotional stress, becomes irritable and aggressive. And then the question arises - how can a child survive a divorce less painfully? After all, in young children, the stress of divorce can affect not only well-being, but also on digestion and sleep. In this case, you should perform several actions:

- continue to observe the regime of your baby's day, to walk, bathe, feed and go to bed at certain times;

- answer all questions honestly, the child canto fill up the parent with questions about divorce, it is necessary to respond gently and tactfully to him. How to survive a divorce with a baby? - you need to tell the child that both father and mother love him very much, but they can not live together yet. You need to convince your baby that every parent will play with him and love him as much as he did before the divorce;

- always play with the baby and do not lose touch withanother parent, even if the divorce was "at the knives", it is not necessary for the child to accuse the pope (mother) of betraying, insulting or humiliating him. It is necessary sometimes to meet all together, so that the kid understands his need;

- avoid quarrels with your baby so that the child does not see or hear that his mom and dad are swearing. He may get the impression that a quarrel is due to him.

By meeting these requirements, you can significantly helpbaby will cope with this situation. How to survive a divorce from a wife or husband? There are several ways, but first of all it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the former spouse, to listen to the advice of a psychologist, to be honest, polite and tactful.

In order to avoid divorce, you can resort toto such help, as to live some time separately from each other. In this case, the spouses are given time to think carefully, revise their views and understand whether or not to divorce. Temporary individual residence is a good thing, because at any time you can file for divorce, and you can always start a new "old" relationship.

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  • How to survive a divorce couple How to survive a divorce couple How to survive a divorce couple How to survive a divorce couple How to survive a divorce couple How to survive a divorce couple