Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

Marine style: use in the interior +55 photos

Maritime style in the interior of the house makes the space airy, free, functional. Previously, the interior of a country house in a nautical style was considered to be the highest aerobatics, today city apartments are also designed in this style.

Any room can be arranged in a marine theme. This does not require complex items. The space can easily be transformed into a paradise of the Mediterranean. Such a design can afford anyone, regardless of the state of his finances.

Special features

Marine themes can be seen in modern apartments quite clearly. Anyone entering into such a room will immediately understand the stylistic idea, and all because the design has bright distinctive characteristics.

The interior is made in blue, white and brown cool colors. Blue gamma can have a variety of tones: from blue to turquoise. White color is most often used in its pure form, sometimes beige, dairy, caramel shades are acceptable.

The marine interior is built in contrasting colors.Pastel shades are combined with rich blue, brown, dark green and purple.

Ship on the shelf behind the sofa

Some designers use warm colors to decorate the space in the subject of the underwater world. Elements are performed in red, yellow, cream tones. The interior in the maritime style does not tolerate a complex, complex colors.

Water motifs should not overload the room. It must remain airy. In a small room applies a minimum of parts. For a standard room, one primary color is used, which is complemented by a contrasting shade and a pair of bright details.

Optimal use in the design of the house materials and objects made of natural wood, cork, stone, etc. For children's rooms, you can use hemp, canvas materials, sandstone.

Table, sofa and armchairs by the fireplace

Water motifs are recognizable due to their patterns. Rooms with this design are decorated with striped wallpaper or wallpaper with drawings of anchors, waves, clouds. Sometimes patterns are combined with each other. For a small room it is better to choose one basic pattern.

The furniture for the rooms is chosen from solid wood, the seats of the armchairs and sofas are covered with linen, cotton cloth or matting.The decor should be concise. To maintain the theme, use low furniture, reminiscent of the ship.

Lifebuoys over the sofa

Sometimes in the design you can find rattan furniture, which helps to recreate the atmosphere of the southern resorts in the apartment.

Items on this subject are often made by hand.

Table lamp with a rope leg

What rooms are suitable for

Any room can be decorated in a nautical style, but the most advantageous look bathrooms or children. Sometimes it is made out of bedrooms and living rooms.

To decorate the room, you need to choose a special color scheme and the right furniture. The interior includes a marine theme: shells, anchors, sandstone. The curtains in the room should be translucent, and tulle - weightless. On a window establish blinds from a tree. They are decorated with shells. On one of the walls are glued wallpaper with the image of ships, palm trees or the ocean. The room focuses on the ceiling. It can be not just white and stretch, designers offer ceilings of monochromatic blue or white with painted clouds.

Steering wheel over the sofa

We advise you not to overload the interior, applying many colors and solutions at the same time.

Boat shaped bed

Color combinations

For the design of the room should follow the blue-white palette, diluting it with natural materials from wood. At first glance, this design may seem simple, but it is not. There must be harmony in the room.

Interesting bedroom decor

From year to year the fashion on shades of blue is changing. Recently, designers have stopped at light, blue hues. The marine interior is classic, which implies the obligatory use of a dark blue color called navy. This shade is deep and fairly calm. Marine design involves the use of this color when designing windows or as upholstery headset. Cushions, carpets look original in this color.

When decorating the walls combine several colors. For example, they glue contrasting striped wallpaper. Glued wall is used as a color spot for accessories. The room for the child should be fun, so it is diluted with colored elements, shells. In such a room make orange or red details. You can create a decoration with your own hands.

Map on the bedroom wall

Some designers oppose the use of black shades in the design of the house.Black color destroys the airy sea design.

Recently, the interior in a marine style diluted with beige tones. Warm shades: milky, caramel, ecru enrich the interior, make it calm, warm and serene.

Anchor over the bed

In the living room

The apartment should be made in a single style. Rooms should not contradict each other in design. The living room should be decorated in a marine style, if the overall appearance of the apartment is close to Mediterranean standards.

Card on the ceiling in the living room

When making a living room, we advise you to consider which side the windows face. For the marine style pick room with a view to the south or west. In such rooms is always bright and sunny. The north side is considered more gloomy, with the result that the theme of the sea or ocean does not look cheerful.

In sunny rooms, cold colors will sparkle with new colors, giving the room a feeling of lightness and coolness. The use of white and blue tones as basic, properly selected natural furniture and accessories will make the living room original. The decor helps to stylistically complete the image of the room.

Spyglass by the couch


We advise you to properly furnish the living room.Arrangements must be durable, high-quality and natural, like on a ship. You must consider the size of the living room. Massive furniture, for example, oak or ash is installed in the spacious rooms. To facilitate the appearance of the room, mirrors are hung in it, tables are made of glass. Rattan or bamboo furniture is installed in the small living room.

Living room with blue interior

For guests place low furniture. Also set the rocking chair. Instead of chest of drawers put chests of solid wood. To store books hang massive shelves with wrought iron elements or install an elegant cabinet with doors made of glass. On the shelves are placed accessories in the form of shells, sandstone or vessels with pebbles.

We advise you to have a minimum of furniture. However, it must be natural. The floor covering of such a room is better to be made from wide natural planks that resemble ship floors.

White furniture in the living room

Wall decoration and lighting

The living room walls are sheathed with clapboard or decorated with caramel-colored decorative plaster. Designers recommend making a bright ceiling in the living room. It can be hung, stretched, layered,but it should be light and low as in a ship cabin. To support the theme of the sea, you must install the lamp in the same style. It can be made in the form of an anchor decorated with shells or a steering wheel.

Wheel over the fireplace

The living room should be light. At night, the room should be well lit using a large number of LED lamps or multi-level lighting. In addition, the walls can be decorated with sconces or wall lamps decorated with artificial pearls or natural shells. In the reading area, you can install a floor lamp in the form of a deck lamp.

Ship on the fireplace in the living room


In the living room you can put an aquarium. At its bottom lay a model of a sunken ship and pirate treasure. Instead of a sunken ship in the aquarium, you can place the decoration of the reef with a lot of corals, multi-colored stones and algae. In the large living room, a model of a real ship in a reduced size is often hung from the ceiling.

When decorating the living room, one of the walls is decorated with photo wallpaper with the image of the sea. If desired, hang on the wall madder. Many decorate the walls with homemade panels made of natural shells, pebbles or products made of macrame.Maritime decor brings distinctiveness to the room.

Ship behind the chairs

The design looks original, if you hang a wall clock, made in the form of a ship's steering wheel or a lifebuoy. Lovers of travel should complement the interior of the house with a map of the world or a globe.

On the pedestals or shelves are placed olive-woven jugs or heavy vases made of clay. Elements that have parts from a rope fit organically into the interior. The living room can be decorated with topiary. If desired, the interior is diluted with living plants such as ficus, creepers, yucca, which are placed in pots directly on the floor.

The picture on the fireplace in the living room


Textiles in the living room should be light and airy. It is better to prefer white or blue color. Favorable look fabrics, incorporating metallic threads. They play in the sun like overflowing the sea. For the design of the living room is allowed the use of yellow. However, it must be dosed. Yellow sofa cushions look appropriate and remind of citrus fruits. The living room looks harmoniously textiles turquoise.

Interesting table near the sofa

It is better to decorate the windows with natural fabrics.Beautifully look heavy curtains, made of flax, in combination with a light veil from organza. With the help of properly selected curtains, you can create a real ship sail. Exotic looks living room, decorated with a real fishing net.

Ship on the table

In the bedroom

Not everyone can afford a house by the sea. We offer you to arrange a bedroom in a nautical theme, so that before going to bed you could dream of distant wanderings.

The bedroom should not be oversaturated with details. The color palette should promote rest and serenity. Bedroom design focuses on color and patterns.

Mirror over the bed

The sea can be different. Some see it as a wide space and a relaxed rest among the white sand and high palm trees. For others, the sea is associated with treasure hunting and pirates. The interior is chosen, starting from its vision.

The bedroom is made of solid wood, natural stone, shells and textiles. A floorboard or carpet of blue color is put on the floor. The first creates the feeling of walking on the ship's deck. In the second case, the bedroom “sinks” to the bottom of the sea.

Mirror in the form of a wheel above the bed


For the decoration of walls choose white painted panels of wood.You can plaster walls using accessories such as pebbles or seashells. To decorate the walls, you should hang pictures of marine painters or glue wallpapers.

White and blue bedroom interior

A classic solution for decorating walls is the use of striped wallpaper. More often blue-white stripes alternate with each other. The modern design is gradually moving away from the usual classics. Today, glue wallpaper with a wave pattern.

The interior of the bedroom must be supported by natural colors. To make it more alive, use bright spots. This should be done carefully, so as not to lose the room, as the bedroom is a resting place. For bright spots, you can use juicy, sunny shades.

Curtains with ships on the windows


For the design of the bedroom pick the right furniture and decor. The bedroom should be kept in the same style. For home decor using wood or textile materials.

Ships over the bed

A great solution is aged furniture. Such additional elements as a map, watch-helm, chest contribute to the maintenance of style. The mirror in the bedroom is decorated with your hands by means of twine or rope.Table lamps in the form of lanterns, sinks on the thumbs - all this brings a note of adventurism.

Bedroom windows are decorated with canvas, linen curtains, cotton curtains. They are beautifully tied in sea knots. On the bed lay bed linen in blue, with stripes or with anchors. Sometimes it is allowed to use a red bed set. The bedroom is the place where you can go too far with the elements. In design, you need to adhere to the rule - the simpler the better.

Chest and rope ladder in the bedroom

On the kitchen

There is a perception that the marine theme is good only for bathrooms and children's rooms. However, it is suitable for kitchen design. Kitchens in this style look original and fresh.

The kitchen can be styled as:

  • cabin company;
  • galley;
  • Coast;
  • bottom;
  • sand beach;
  • fisherman's yacht or schooner;
  • villa by the sea, etc.

Steering wheel on the chandelier

The decor of the room must be created with care, as the search for details is fraught with the desire for change and discontent. It is better to use a few details that will be bright accents.

The interior design under the name "schooner fisherman" is based on the use of nets, rough dining furniture, aged objects, open wooden shelves, ropes.This interior can be transformed into a “villa by the sea” if you hide nets and ropes, but hang light tulle and place pots with indoor plants and interior objects on the windows. A rough table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth, and cute pillows are thrown onto the benches. Interchangeable interior never bothers, but can change the kitchen beyond recognition without difficulty and repair.

Anchor on the fridge

Kitchen combined with living room

If the kitchen is combined with the living room, then there is more room for fantasy. In any case, such rooms require wicker chests and baskets, rattan furniture, armchairs with decorative pillows. The massive dark wood table looks original in the kitchen combined with the living room. Both a rough bench and high-backed chairs with blue covers are suitable for the table.Wall mural in the kitchen

The walls of the combined zones are decorated with wallpaper and panels of wood so that everything is naturally combined. The wallpapers are suitable for the living area, and wooden panels are installed in the kitchen. On the floor may lie a carpet with a thick pile.

Steering wheel on the wall

Decor rules

Kitchens of small size can be decorated in nautical style without any problems.It is only necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • kitchen set should have simple forms;
  • the kitchen should be maintained in blue tones;
  • the apron can be made either in yellow with the images of the inhabitants of the underwater world or in white with applications from natural shells or stones;
  • the kitchen window is decorated with air tulle;
  • put on the table a light tablecloth with ruffles;
  • install a small lamp;
  • kitchen shelves are decorated with shells, seashells, pebbles, corals;
  • in the kitchen they use bright clay dishes;
  • the flooring is made of sand-colored porcelain stoneware;
  • walls are made of wood panels in combination with wallpaper.

Kitchen with blue and white interior

Standard kitchen decor

If the kitchen is of medium size, then the subject matter may be more pronounced. The ceiling in the kitchen is white, but with a floor covering you can play. For example, it is allowed to make a wave from a tile of blue and yellow colors. In this case, the walls of the room are covered with wallpaper of yellow color and decorated with beautiful marena.

Bulbs on the ropes in the kitchen

In such a kitchen looks beautiful glossy kitchen set. If there are many different shelves, they are decorated by means of bottles entwined with vines. In the kitchen, set the table in rectangular wood.To him pick up chairs with fabric seats. On the windowsill put beautiful pots with exotic flowers or low palm trees. Ceiling lamp can be made with your own hands in the form of a forged chandelier or steering wheel.

Table in the form of a ship

A piece of sea in the nursery

Children's marine style does not lose relevance over a long period. In the nursery, the child feels cozy and comfortable. Thanks to the style in the room is maintained summer mood throughout the year. To arrange a nursery, it does not take a lot of money. The main thing is to follow the advice of designers and rely on your imagination.

Wheel over the sofa

The design takes into account the sex of the child, as the nursery for a boy is different from the room for a girl. For the latter, the style of the beach villa is suitable when there is rattan furniture in the room, and textiles are rich in ruffles and lace. Shells and corals are used as decor. Children's for girls is made in pastel colors.

Male children prefer the nautical theme. Massive furniture is installed in children’s rooms, and coarse jewels such as anchors, navigation instrument models, etc. are chosen as decorations.When making walls stop on striped wallpaper. Very often parents buy a bed for a boy in the form of a ship.

Map on the bedroom wall

Floor coverage in the nursery depends on the parental budget. Stylish looks children's with a wooden or cork coating. Installation of laminate or floorboard is allowed. On the floor may lie a fluffy carpet of white or blue color, which will be associated with the sea. Looks more original carpet in the form of a map of the world. It can be made to order. With a high budget, you can install self-leveling floors, made in 3D design. Such floors imitate the underwater world.

The original design of the nursery

Ceilings may look different. The nursery looks beautiful with a ceiling in the form of a cloudy or starry sky. This ceiling is universal and suitable for both boys and girls. To enhance the sensations of the sea, you can resort to photo printing or luminescent patterns that give off their light in the dark. It is not necessary to make the ceiling colored. Some stop on a white surface, decorating it with beautiful ceiling lights in the form of ship's steering wheels or lanterns.

Ship on the dresser by the bed


The walls in the nursery must be correctly decorated.If the budget is small, stop on vinyl stickers with the image of underwater inhabitants. One of the walls can be pasted over with photo wallpaper or decorated with a large navigation map. Some parents prefer a more classic design of the nursery, choosing wallpaper of white, turquoise, caramel colors. It is important to consider the age of the child. Kids will love the images of cartoon characters. For older children, it is better to choose the decor in the form of hand wheels, palm trees, pirate treasures.

Maps on the walls in the nursery

Kids love bright colors, but the marine theme does not imply the use of many bright colors. This does not mean that they are prohibited to use. Colorful elements of the decor help to make the nursery more lively. They should be used sparingly. Designers do not recommend injecting children's black. It will negatively affect the psyche of the child.

Lifebuoys on the wall


Furniture in the nursery must comply with the theme. It looks interesting bunk bed in the form of a ship. On the first tier, the child can play, on the second tier is a bed. You can stay on a regular bed, but pick up for her a beautiful sleeping set with an image of anchors.

Swedish ladder by the bed

Original looks hammock, hanging in the nursery.The wardrobe can be set to standard by replacing the fittings with a nautical theme. Beautiful look pens in the form of underwater inhabitants. In the nursery, too, put the chests. The desk is complemented with a fish-shaped desk lamp. For older children, you can install a built-in aquarium aquarium.

Bed with a steering wheel


Curtains must support the underwater theme. Rope curtains fastened with sea knots look spectacular in the boy’s room. In rooms for girls it is better to choose air curtains with ruffles.

Ship's steering wheel

Accessories for the nursery, you can create your own. We offer to sew the flag of real pirates and decorate them with one of the walls or the ceiling. Some decorate cushions or bedspreads with marine attributes. So the nursery becomes stylish and cozy.

Staircase by the window in the nursery

In the bathroom

The interior of a nautical-style bathroom can resemble:

  • sand beach;
  • Pirates' ship;
  • cabin;
  • underwater world.

Blue shower design

Marine style in the bathroom involves the use of solid wood and natural stone. To decorate the bathroom you need to properly select the floor. Unusual look bulk 3D floors, recreating the underwater world.A more classic option is porcelain stoneware with natural pebbles. Some choose blue mosaic tiles. When laying the floor, you can combine various textured coatings, for example, natural stone and moisture-proof laminate.

3D bathroom floor

Walls and ceilings

The bathroom can be decorated in shades of blue and sand. Walls are leveled and painted with dull monochromatic paint or tiled with tiles. Above the bathroom often set the panel-madder. If the budget allows, you can put relief on one of the walls and toned it with a crumb of natural stone.

Pictures on the wall in the bathroom

The bathroom is not always large, so you should not install a bulky ceiling in it. It is better to stay on the standard white color. In rare cases, ceilings are painted with clouds or frescoes.

Landscape with sea and ships in the bathroom

Furniture and decor

But you can experiment with plumbing. For example, install a bath made of wood or create a mosaic podium under it, equipped with a sail-shaped curtain. Furniture in the bathroom should be discreet. Original look facades with craquelure.

Mirror in the form of a steering wheel over the sink

The design of the room involves the use of a different decor in the form of shells and starfishes.Objects laid out around the perimeter of the bath. For toothbrushes and soaps, they purchase marine interior accessories. So the bathroom will sparkle with new colors.

Bathroom - a small room. It is necessary to place accents correctly. If the walls are accented, we advise you to choose white sanitary ware. If the emphasis is on plumbing, stop at the pastel design of the walls.

Seashells on the walls


Underwater theme in the arrangement combines airiness and freshness. The decor in the maritime style is popular with people who live in large cities and dream of a holiday on the coast. This style is a classic, concise, involving a lot of open space, so it is important for him to choose the right lighting.

Spotlight near the sofa

The interior involves a lot of flowing light associated with the sun. Select the lighting you need, focusing on the specifics of the room. Very often, designers use wall lights in the form of anchors, ceiling lights, steering wheels, hangers in the form of ships, made by hand. When recreating the seabed, rooms are supplemented with lamps in the form of inhabitants of underwater depths.Pearl or pearl wall lamps and wrought lanterns are suitable for this style.

Lamps must match the style. In the design of premises, preference is given to models of blue or white colors, lighting devices with sea patterns and ornaments, and ceiling lights in the style of Christopher Columbus.

Seascape on the wall in the living room


The arrangement of housing in the marine style involves the choice of simple furniture. It should look as if it had just been knocked out of improvised material. In some cases, it is permissible to age furniture facades. Craquelure technique is especially welcome. It is unacceptable to use frilly decor, but it is appropriate rattan or bamboo furniture. This lightweight furniture allows you to relax and promotes a romantic mood. In the rooms, stylized under the sea, you can find wooden or wicker chests, hammocks, chairs in the form of barrels, beds in the form of ships or boats.

Pictures over the sofa

Rooms are not overloaded with furniture. Here they act according to the principle - the simpler the better. If the room is equipped with standard furniture, then it is given a shade of the sea by replacing accessories or by aging some of its elements.Instead of pens attached sea figures and rope elements. Prefer low furniture. Sofas close canvas covers. Furniture should be made of natural wood. In rare cases, you can use materials that mimic it.

Wicker table in the living room

Decor and accessories

In the rooms decorated in a marine style, use photo frames, decorated with shells, transparent vases with ropes, starfishes and other objects. However, designers are not advised to store many items in the room at the same time.

One of the walls is decorated with a real fishing net or an improvised pirate flag. Some designers create original paintings. For example, they tie up pirate knots, place them under glass and frame them. Such pictures can be used in the living room or nursery.

Ship on the table locker

Do not ignore textiles. With it, beautifully stylized at home. On the sofas or beds throw blankets in a white-blue or red-blue stripes. They are also decorated with cushions. The design allows the use of pillows yellow or orange. The windows are decorated with light tulle, linen or canvas curtains.On the floor may lie a fluffy carpet of blue, white or, as an accent, red. For such an interior are suitable coarse materials such as matting, flax, canvas.

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  • Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos

    Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos Marine style: use in the interior 55 photos