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Happiness, joy, fun ... It is with these wordsis associated with a balloon. Why do you dream about this attribute of almost every holiday? The answers are very different. And they depend on the dream book, as well as on the circumstances of the vision. And to give an answer to this question, one should turn to the most authoritative interpreters of dreams.

a balloon to which one dreams

Universal explanation

So, here's the first answer to the question of whatballoons are colored in different colors: to troubles. A different kind. It would seem that a lot of balloons - so much positive! But no. They can be a foretaste of problems at work, conflicts with colleagues, partners, superiors. And in order to minimize losses that the dream promises, it will take a lot of effort. It is necessary in the near future to try to be less contentious and quick-tempered, and also to work harder.

And if you see a balloon in the sky? Why does it dream? They say that to prolonged loneliness. And if there are a lot of balls, just an infinite number, then this is another sign. Most likely, the dreamer hardly has fun. And he should interrupt his ordinary life and start having fun.

Modern dream book

About what a balloon with a basket is dreaming about,the modern book of interpretations tells in detail. If a person saw it on the ground, then it's time for him to relax. In real life, he is too keen on his problems, literally fixated on them. The ball here represents it, and the basket to which it is attached is the circumstances, the problems. And by the way, the more filled she is, the more troubles a person has, from which he can not free himself. It's time to untie the knot and release the ball into the sky. That is, free yourself from problems. Perhaps even contrived.

And if a person sees that he is flying in the air(on the big, present), this is for the journey. Perhaps it was not even planned. And if it was in your thoughts to go somewhere, you can rest assured: the plans will be implemented. By the way, if the flight was a long one, then, from home, the dreamer will have to leave for a long time.

 what does it dream to fly in a balloon

Sonnik Miller

He, too, can tell a lot about such a symbol,as a balloon. Why dream of seeing him? Usually to conflicts and troubles. The more balls, the more unpleasant they will be. Perhaps, even certain dreams and fears of the dreamer will be realized in reality. Probable and difficult at work. However, you should move forward and do not give up, without looking at the emerging situation.

Seeing how the balls burst, is also an unkind sign. Perhaps this is a dismissal from work. There is nothing to conceal: the period will not be easy. However, if the dreamer was a good worker, who has proven himself from the right side, it will be easy to find a new place. It is possible that the other work will be at times better and more promising than the previous one.

But the relationship with loved ones and loved ones is notare subject to anything bad. If you dream of flying in the sky balloons, then in this case everything will be fine. A person is probably surrounded by kind and loving people who, in a difficult situation, will not leave him, but will be supported - not only in word, but also in deed. And their longing to hide is not recommended.

to which the balloons are colored multicolored

Dream Interpretation

Another book of interpretations to which you canlisten. She also tells in detail about what a balloon means. Why do you dream about this symbol? If a person cheaters him in a dream - to boundless happiness. And then the principle operates: the more balls, the more happiness. Perhaps, too, a person will soon have fun with friends. And it is possible that his luck will simply pursue in all good sense of the word.

But to see how the balls inflate the children - not good. So, in a short time a person will have to solve someone's problems. And you will need to do this very carefully and with all responsibility. It is interesting that the dreamer will not even have time to understand how all the affairs were shifted to him.

But if balloons, inflated by a person orand other participants in his dream, broke, then this is for financial problems. Decrease in wages, loss of bonuses, demotion, loss of money through negligence ... or even a person can be robbed. Also, the option of sudden breakage of expensive equipment is not excluded. In general, in the near future the dreamer should handle things more carefully than ever, and just in case save on everything that can be.

what does a balloon in the sky

What else is worth knowing

So, above it was told about what it is dreaming to fly in a balloon, to inflate it or just to see it. But there are a lot of nuances that you need to know about.

So, for example, if the ball is pink, it's to disappointment in its second half. Quite possibly, the love bonds will soon burst, which will bring both a lot of suffering.

A large ball of an unusual shape - to the appearance in the life of a very talkative person. But he will only talk a lot and make promises.

And what does a balloon in the sky dream of? Slowly floating over a dreamer, he usually promises unexpected news. But if the ball sharply and unexpectedly rushes upwards and is lost from sight - to success in business or at work.

 what does a balloon with a basket

Important details

By the way, if there were inscriptions on the ball and he wastied with a ribbon of golden color, this to an unexpected smile of fortune. And when he quickly climbs up, and then suddenly stops - to successfully develop business and career. Only for further prosperity will it take a lot of effort. However, it will be worth it.

Watch as another man blows balls - toa waste of time and unjustified dreams. And to see in a dream a lot of children with balls - to the fact that in the near future the dreamer will not be able to rest, no matter how he dreams of silence and seclusion. By the way, if he himself kept the ball and suddenly released it, it's to forgetting a good chance or opportunity. It's worth remembering this and trying not to let it happen in real life.

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