Strengthening of hair

Strengthening of hair

One of the main ornaments of a woman ishair. Long and beautiful curls are a matter of pride and admiration. In order to have them, some have to make great efforts and spend a lot of money. Take care of your hair regularly. However, it is not worth hoping that thin hair will suddenly become thick and bulky. With the help of various means they can be improved, strengthened and even made to grow faster, and the volume is given by styling.

Strengthening of hair is an actual problem formost women. Constant stress, poor nutrition, health problems, the environment deprives hair of brilliance and vitality. Someone goes for help to the salons, someone solves the problem on their own.

Strengthening of hair should be carried out regularly. One-time procedures are ineffective. You can spend them at home with simple means.

First you need to choose the right shampoo, balm, conditioner. They should fit your hair type and solve existing problems.

It is very effective to strengthen hair with onions. In this case, the juice can be used independently and added to different masks. Onion affects the scalp and warms it. This increases blood flow. It stimulates hair growth. If other useful substances are added to the onion juice, then their assimilation takes place much more quickly.

Not everyone likes strengthening hair with a bow. Specific odor, which remains after the procedure, is difficult to remove. You can prepare for rinsing a light vinegar solution or fragrant infusions of herbs. This will not only help to get rid of the unpleasant odor, but also will give extra shine to the hair.

Even the best hair masks are not for everyonewill do. They are just like shampoos aimed at solving certain problems. This must be taken into account and carefully selected ingredients. To prepare such masks, everything that you have at home can be useful. Starting from salt and ending with mustard powder.

Here are a few simple masks recipes for different types of hair:

  1. A famous friend of all blondes is chamomile. It is also useful for strengthening. Its broth can be used for rinsing, and it is possible in the form of compresses. In the latter case, it is applied to clean hair and covered with a towel. This procedure can be carried out quite often.
  2. To prepare a nutrient mask for dryhair will need a raw egg, 2 teaspoons of castor oil, a teaspoon of vinegar and glycerin. All the ingredients are mixed and heated on a steam bath. Apply a mask to the roots of the hair. You will notice the effect after the first time. This mass strengthens the hair during and after the illness, after giving birth and breast-feeding. Use it up to three times a week for a month.
  3. To restore health to split ends will helpkefir mask. In addition to the main ingredient, various oils can be added. For example, a few drops of burdock will make your hair curls silky and shiny.
  4. Owners of dark hair can safelyuse coffee. To do this, brew two tablespoons of natural coffee and filter. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair for 30 minutes. It will bring health and shine to your hair.
  5. Return life to thin and oily hair will helpmustard mask. It consists of mustard powder, raw egg, sugar and butter (burdock, olive, and so on). Keep in mind that the more sugar you add, the stronger your head will be. After a few applications, you will notice that the hair has begun to shine, the less it gets dirty.

Strengthening the hair is a long and time-consuming process. Do not expect immediate results. If you have achieved what you want, then do not forget to carry out prophylaxis.

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