What do the lines on the hand mean

What do the lines on the hand mean?

To find out the future, people came up with a lotthe most varied divination. Someone is trying to predict the fate of tarot cards, someone reads on the runes. The most accessible way to find out your future or past is by guessing along the lines of your hand. Surely, each of us met gypsies on the street, who asked to gild the pen. Today we will talk about what the lines on the hand mean.

Palmistry - a system of divination by lines on the armappeared in ancient China and India. Later, in the 17th century in Europe, scientific reports on the importance of the line on the human hand were described in detail and presented. It is worth saying that the palmist explores not only the lines, but also the hills, capillaries and anatomical structure of the brush. Let's take a closer look at the values ​​of the main lines on the hand.

Life Line. You can safely say that this is the most famous line on the hand. Many of us looked at its length, severity. However, in Indian culture this line is related to the father. On it you can trace the relationship with the father. Usually, it resembles the letter C. The line of life on the hand is one of the main lines on the arm. It should be even, pronounced and deep. It is desirable, without ruptures, intersections and other irregularities. Many believe that the life line shows how many people will live. This opinion is erroneous, but there is some truth in it. Death is reflected on all lines of the human hand. Therefore, to judge how much you will live, based only on the line of life - is wrong. Gaps in the life line are just a marker of what can happen to a person. Different signs have their meaning on this line, for example, the cross on the line of life means problems with the heart, and the triangle is treated like an accident. Some people on the arm can see two lines of life, which usually go in parallel. The second line calls the line of the guardian angel or the line of parents. It indicates a large number of people's energy and energy, or about relationships with parents.

The line of destiny. This line is not present at all. It crosses the entire palm, passing almost through all the lines of the hand. The line of destiny reflects the way of a person's life. If this line is present, then you can feel the power that guides you. As a rule, people with a pronounced line of destiny become good specialists in their field. In addition, this line reflects the relationship with the partner, career and cash prosperity. The beginning of the line of destiny shows the interests and aspirations of the person, and the completion - the ways to achieve them.

The marriage line. This line reflects the relationship, feelings and strong emotions to another person. According to the severity of the marriage line on the hand, one can judge the strength and duration of the relationship, and even the time of marriage. The marriage line allows you to see the number and sex of the child, your sexual energy - libido. It is worth saying that the line of love shows not only the relationship itself, but also the dynamics of feelings, the program for the development of relationships. Different signs on the marriage line refer to certain relationships, and not as a whole to line tendencies.

You can learn about the lines of the hand about children. There is no separate line of children on hand, in classical palmistry. To learn about the number of children, you can have a separate area on the marriage line. The lines on which you can learn about children are located, as a rule, on the hill of Mercury. For example, V means the possible birth of twins. There are special signs on which it is possible to determine miscarriage or abortion. In addition, there are additional lines on which you can find out about the birth of a child, for example, a fir tree at the beginning of the line of the heart, a ring of the family on the thumb, or a line of children on the hill of Venus. Determining the number and sex of children is a complex process, it depends in many ways on the attitude towards the child, the circumstances of birth, etc.

Heart line. It can be seen if you simultaneously bend the little finger, ring finger and middle finger. This line reflects as a condition of the cardiovascular system, so what a person is oriented in matters of love and relationship with a partner. Interest in studying this line is its completion and the signs that are on it. For example, a circle on the line of the heart means a wound in the head, and a square - problems with sight. The line of the heart is shown by a person's love, especially when there are two parallel lines on the palm.

The line of happiness or luck is the most favorableline on the arm. It begins with the line of the heart and follows the nameless finger. This line is an indicator of success in a person's life. And also, speaks about positivity of the person, absence of problems with health. This line is not found in all, but a weak line can manifest itself more strongly throughout life.

Palmists note the features of the lines on differenthands. The lines on the right hand show what a person could achieve in his life. In other words, the study of the right hand can point to the present and the future of man. Lines on this hand change more often than on the left. The lines on the left hand show what nature has endowed a person with. These are innate abilities, physical health, a situation at birth. Left-handers have the opposite situation - the right hand shows innate characteristics. In addition, if the difference in the lines of the right and left hands is significant, then this indicates that you have a strong influence on your life. They say that this is a good sign.

Guessing on the lines of the hand is quite difficult. Here you need to consider the totality of all the lines, their location and severity, signs, scars and moles. It is also important to take into account the lines on the fingers and wrist. If you decide to find out your destiny on the lines of the hand, you need to study well not only what the lines on the hand mean, but also the general patterns of their location. In nature, there are no people with the same lines on their hands, so you can learn a lot about the person on the lines of the hand.

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