What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs

what simple salad can be made from boiled eggs?

what simple salad can be made from boiled eggs?

  1. eggs, cod liver, yes onions, stir the ambassadors, season with mayonnaise and lettuce is ready.
  2. Sow and eat! xD
  3. Stuffed eggs - cut along, yolk to remove, mash it with herbs, add mayonnaise (you can have some garlic) and put in baskets of protein.
  4. Liver of canned cod, onion, eggs, mayonnaise, greens.
  5. cut the onion rings, pour it with boiling water a couple of times, rinse with cold water, salt, add vegetable oil, salt, pepper and add boiled eggs.
  6. I suggest finely rub the cheese with garlic, boil the eggs and finely grate there. Season with mayonnaise. Delicious!
  7. garlic can be done!
    fused cheese and eggs, grate on a large grater, add finely chopped garlic and season with mayonnaise.
    Eggs boiled, cheese fused, garlic, mayonnaise. If desired, dill
    rice, boiled eggs, cheese, pickled cucumber, smoked sausage, mayonnaise.
    1. tomatoes cut into thin slices and lay on the bottom, slightly
    2. boiled eggs
    3.wipe the cheese on a grater
    here, too, you can add a little garlic, mayonnaise you can promazyvat every layer, and you can only eggs, and on top of the already sprinkled with cheese.
    Portion is best done at a time, so that the salad does not stand, tomatoes start up the juice.
  9. canned onions fried and eggs with mayonnaise
  10. eggs, green onions, mayonnaise.
  11. egg!
    Take the eggs you cut finely
    and eat
  12. 1) eggs + dill, green onion + mayonnaise + crackers.
    2) cut the eggs in half. Mix the yolk with onions, well fried and stuff the halves.
  13. 1 mackerel can be mashed with a fork with juice, add 1 finely chopped onion, pieces of 6-8 eggs, salt, black pepper and mayonnaise. We still eat this for breakfast, smearing on bread. Delicious!
  14. raw carrots on a grater, boiled egg on a grater, cheese hard on a grater, garlic through a crush, mix and season with mayonnaise. Delicious !!!
  15. eggs with fried mushrooms, potatoes and mayonnaise, very tasty, especially if done in layers and each layer soaked with mayonnaise
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  17. egg under mayonnaise
  18. eggs onion before this a little scalded in boiling water and season with mayonnaise ....
  19. Stuffed eggs

    What you need:
    10 eggs
    200 g of olive mayonnaise
    100 g green beans
    200 g soft cream cheese
    2 denticles
    2 st. l. mixtures of green parsley, cilantro and dill
    cottage cheese-100 g
    100 g of canned red pepper
    50 g pitted olives
    5 slices of white bread
    For decoration:
    smoked herring, salted salmon
    shrimp, ham, radish, salted and fresh cucumber
    olives, any greens to taste, 3 slices of black bread, vegetable oil 3 st. l.
    step 1
    Eggs hard boiled, chilled with cold water and cleaned of shell.
    step 2
    Cut each egg along into 2 equal halves. Remove the yolks. Squirrels put in a bowl, cover with food film. Put aside the yolk in the direction of 4, and from the remaining ones make a universal dressing. To do this, knead yolks with a fork, add 2-3 st. l. mayonnaise, mix. On the basis of this dressing, you can prepare a variety of minced meat for eggs, adding finely chopped vegetables, herring, seafood or meat products.
    step 3
    For minced green onion peel, finely chop and fry in hot vegetable oil 4 min. Beans are washed, cut off the tips and boil until soft, mix with onions and rub through a sieve. Add 4 halves of yolks, 1 st. l. mayonnaise, salt, pepper to taste; wipe again through a sieve.
    step 4
    For minced pink color canned pepper in a blender, olives are very finely chopped. Mix cottage cheese with pepper, olives, 4 halves of yolks and salt to taste. Add 1 art. l. mayonnaise, mix thoroughly.
    step 5
    For eggs decorated with shrimps, the next stuffing will do. Parsley, cilantro and dill carefully wash and dry. Half the dill is put aside. At the greenery, cut off the stiff cuttings, and chop the leaves very finely. Peel the garlic and chop it too. Wipe greens and garlic with 100 g cream cheese and 4 halves of yolks. Add salt and pepper to taste, stir.
    step 6
    For eggs decorated with pieces of smoked herring, salmon or other fish, you can prepare spicy stuffing. With a lemon peel off the grated zest. Mix it with the remaining cream cheese, finely chopped dill and 4 halves of yolks; to stir thoroughly.
    We decorate stuffed eggs:
    * Smoked herring on a fillet, cut into pieces with a width of 1-1,5,
    * With salmon remove the skin, cut the fillets into thin translucent plates. Shrimp to clear of shell.
    * Ham, radish, olives, marinated and fresh cucumbers thinly cut into pieces of arbitrary shape.
    * Wash the greens, dry and peel on small twigs.
    * Using a culinary package to fill halves of proteins with different types of minced meat. From above put the prepared pieces of fish, ham and vegetables. Decorate with branches of greenery.
    step 7
    There is another way of decorating stuffed eggs. Hard-boiled eggs can be cut not along, but across. Remove the yolks and cook the mince in any of the ways described.
    From pieces of white bread cut circles with a diameter of 4 cm; Slices of black bread cut diagonally so that the triangles are formed. Fry the bread in butter until golden brown. For each circle and triangle put a bit of minced meat, then half of the protein, filled with the same or other stuffing, and decorate with pieces of fish, shrimps, vegetables and greens.

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  • What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs What simple salad can be made from boiled eggs