Your drive does not work

Your drive does not work? What to do? Fix it!

You have probably come across such events inYour life, when you have had any problems or problems with your computer. One of the frequent problems is the failure of the drive. So if the drive does not work, what should I do? Well, do not throw away right away! You should always try to restore it, if, of course, it is possible.

First you need to understand what does not work.When you turn on the computer, look, if a light is on the drive, but it does not see your drive, it means that you do not receive information from the drive. That is, the power is on, and the drive is working, but the data on the motherboard does not transmit. This means that either a bad wire contact, or it does not work at all. Try disconnecting and then reconnecting the data cable. If the motherboard is dusty, blow out the connector, as dust can interfere.

The option may be that the drive is running, andThe computer recognizes it, and the drive does not open. What to do? How to be? Do not worry too much. This is not such a serious breakdown, since the main drive itself works and is determined by the system. If the carriage of the drive does not move out, then there is a problem with the rubber band, called the passive. We need to change it. Well, or to suffer and open the drive with some sharp object, for example, a needle.

If everything is good, everything works, opens,is determined, but at the same time the computer is dying, what to do then? This problem occurs when your system has a device conflict, and they do not work properly and interfere with each other. Since there are several connectors on the motherboard (depending on the model, since there are only 1 or 2 on the old connector boards), simply insert the data cable from the drive to the other connector. In this case, the hang-up problem should disappear.

But if it's left, it means your drivestrongly tupit and brakes the system. This happens when the drive is very old and works already out of last effort. Older drives are better to replace, as with time they stop reading some disks, and also start to hang.

So, for general development, I would like to mention,that the "life" of the drive is determined by the number of recorded discs. If you want the drive to live longer, then do not record everything, or all in a row and everything that is possible.

If the drive does not work at all, thatto do in this case, the expert in the workshop will prompt, since breakages, which can lead to the inoperability of the entire drive, are many. And they need to be determined individually.

For example, which is more likely, you left thebuilding electronics on the drive. Could burn any detail on the board. Or it could pierce a chip or a fuse. There are many options. But, if you have burned the main chip, it is cheaper and more reasonable to buy a new drive, than repair it.

But, first of all, first pull it out andsmell it, smell it. If there is a smell of burning, then it definitely means that something has burned down. Then open it. To do this, unscrew the bolts. By opening it, you can determine which part is burnt.

It can also be a situation that you can not understand why the drive does not work. What to do? Carry to the workshop. They will accurately determine what the problem is.

If you do not want to take it to the workshop, oryou do not have money, then take the phone and call someone you know who knows about computers, and tell him: "The drive does not work! What to do?". And hope that it will help you, otherwise you will need to buy a new device, or take it for repair, which is likely to end up also with the purchase of a new drive.

Do not waste your time, and buy a new drive if the old one does not work. After all, they are not so expensive.

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