Your friend is a dwarf poodle

Your friend is a dwarf poodle

So if you chose the poodle, soberevaluate your living conditions. Big, or, as it is called, "royal" poodle in a small city apartment will not be very comfortable; and to other inhabitants of housing his presence will not add comfort. In this situation, the dwarf poodle will be the best solution.

dwarf poodlePuppy in the house

The first day or two of the puppy's stay in the apartment -the heaviest for him and for you. Weaned from his mother and brothers and sisters, the kid is acutely aware of this. It is important that at this time in the house there was silence and a calm, friendly atmosphere.

Place the puppy immediately in the allotted for hima place; in no case, regretting, do not take it to your bed - it will be very problematic to wean then. It is advisable to pick up the place in a draft. The most important thing is for the pet to feel safe there.

Little puppy sleeps a lot, try not to wake upit is unnecessary. If the need arises, do it carefully and gently so as not to frighten: the stresses of the first days can make adaptation difficult in a new place.


Beginning to master, the pet actively exploresaccessible space, inevitably leaving here and there puddles. Do not even try to punish him - it's stupid, the kid will not understand why. Patiently and persistently teach him to send natural needs wherever you want. To do this, it is better to lay a newspaper or rag in the place that the puppy has already chosen, and then gradually move it to the desired point. After each awakening and feeding, take the puppy there and praise him when he "does his deeds". And with a four-month-old age, start walking.

dwarf poodle

Kids Games

Growing up, the dwarf poodle becomes veryactive and energetic. Like any dog, it is expressed in the need to gnaw, tear, dig. Stock up with suitable toys, otherwise they will become things that you are not ready to send to the garbage can. Neizbalovanny, properly brought up a dwarf poodle will not cause problems: it is enough that the puppy understood what to play with, and with what it is impossible. He will not want to upset you by disobedience.

Education. Encouragement and punishment

Probably everyone noticed that in circus rooms withPoodles are most often used by trained dogs. This is because in this dog there is a unique "cocktail": on the one hand, agility, extremely livelypoodle dwarfishtemperament and optimism, on the other - an exceptionalunderstanding, attentiveness and obedience. On the one hand - the thirst for activity, the joy of any occupation, on the other - a very strong need for approval from the owner. The combination of these qualities makes the process of raising or training a poodle easy and doomed to one hundred percent success.

The emphasis in education should not be done on punishmentfor bad deeds, but for the approval of good ones. The dwarf poodle does not need punishment - it is enough for him to understand that you are unhappy with his act. Accordingly, the best reward for this dog is to realize that you are happy.

As for the circus, the talents of this breedThey are also disclosed without professional certified trainers. Keep a camcorder and camera at the ready: if you have a dwarf poodle, photos and videos of interesting content are guaranteed in abundance.

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